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It’s a Great Time to Buy a Used Car

January 14, 2014  

used car in Temple HillsIf you were looking at quality one-owner vehicles for sale a year or two ago you might have thought prices were sky-high. Well you were right, they very well might have been at the time.

The initial problem was due to the downturn of our economy which started in 2009. People were afraid and concerned about loosing their jobs and money, and because of this stopped buying new cars immediately. Consumers were holding on to their vehicles longer then they typically would, and because of this the used car inventory was more limited then it typically would have been. Supply was tight and as a result, prices rose.

Through 2010 and 2011 credit became easier to secure,  customers became more confident in their jobs, and consumers begun buying and leasing new vehicles again. Those three and four year-old vehicles are now reaching the used car market, and because there are more of them, prices have dropped back to more affordable levels.

Not only are there some great deals to be had but there’s more inventory and selection available too. So whether you have been searching for a pre-owned Cadillac Escalade or a low mileage Ford truck, it’s a great time to buy a used vehicle.

If you are in the market for a used car in Temple Hills, visit the Car Smart showroom or call our experts at (888)292-8115 to find out more about our current inventory.

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