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A higher mileage used car can be the better buy

March 8, 2014  

used cars in Coral HillsSome used car buyers believe that lower mileage vehicles equal higher reliability. As we use our cars everyday for commuting and errands, its essential to purchase a hassle free vehicle that wont result in frustrating and expensive repairs down the line. Only judging mileage when purchasing a used car is not always the best approach, as many used vehicles on the market are built to last and will run better then some newer cars.

One of the factors to determine is how the vehicle was actually driven which led to its current mileage.  In most cases, if a vehicle is driven primarily on the highway at more stable speeds, the engine and all components are not working as hard as they would be on city streets which includes inconsistent speeds and stopping. An engine is built to operate comfortably at mid-range speeds of 50-70mph.   When steady speeds are driven on the highway, internal parts are better protected due to your oil pressure levels and stable operating temperature.  As transmissions only wear as they are being shifted, highway driving with no constant stopping and starting will help a vehicles transmission last longer as well.  When purchasing a used car, its more important to pay more attention to the type of miles a car has covered as opposed to the quantity.

Many vehicle makes on the used car market are known for their reliability and longevity including Honda, Ford, Toyota, and Subaru.  When purchasing a used vehicle, also consider what makes have proven to stand the test of time. Car Smart now can help you select a reliable used vehicle that you can trust. Contact our sales professionals today at (888)292-8115 for more information on used cars in Coral Hills.


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