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Get Your Used Cars in Washington D.C.

March 21, 2016  

CarSmart Now can help you get your used cars in Washington D.C. We have thousands of low-mileage, gently used cars from which to select, and we have contact with hundreds of financial institutions who can act as lenders. We know how important it is to you to have just the right car with just the right deal.

Used Cars in Washington D.C.Buying a used car is often an excellent financial move. While it might be fun to drive a vehicle off the lot with that odometer just ticking off the first miles, there are some disadvantages. The first is depreciation. Your new car will depreciate nearly twenty percent in the first year of ownership. The second is the sales tax you will pay on the vehicle. The third is insurance. It costs a lot more to insure a new car than it does an older car. There are some other considerations, as well. New models have not yet had a shake-down period since leaving the manufacturer. They can sometimes have problems that do not show up until they have been driven extensively. When you purchase a used car, it has already made it past the recalls and the changes in parts.

CarSmart Now can always help you get your used cars in Washington D.C., just call us at (888) 292-8115. Our friendly agents will be happy to help with the online selection tool if you find it challenging, and work with you to find the financing agency and deal that works for within your budget. Our goal is to connect you, if not with the car of your dreams, at least with the car or truck that you need.

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