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Your Auto Dealer in Capitol Heights

March 31, 2016  

Your Auto Dealer in Capitol HeightsCarSmart Now is your auto dealer in Capitol Heights. With the weather warming up, the road is calling – and we want our customers to have vehicles that will be reliable and a pleasure to drive. It is no fun to get left beside the road when you are trying to emulate Jack Kerouac.

Old 1960s novels aside, having a reliable vehicle is an asset. It is instrumental in getting to work on time, getting to school or just driving outside the city for a day of local tourism. Of course, inside the city, the City Sights bus line is a worry-free way to view DC. It takes visitors past the Capitol building, Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Cathedral, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Smithsonian and more. The tours have a hop-on, hop-off policy, so if you want to explore a location – such as the Smithsonian more thoroughly – you certainly can. But wonderful as that might be, it doesn’t take the place of having your own wheels, especially if you want to tour locations in Maryland outside the city. These can include visiting the waterfronts – either the Potomac or the Ocean or visiting the home of Clara Barton or Harriet Tubman or viewing memorials at famous battlefields.

CarSmart Now is your Auto Dealer in Capitol Heights because we understand that owning your own transportation is a liberating experience. When you are behind the wheel of your own car or truck or SUV and the road is before you, you are only limited by the reliability of your vehicle and the amount of gasoline you can afford to put in the tank. Give us a call at (888)292-8115 if you are ready to be in control of your destiny. We won’t guarantee total success, but we will help you locate a vehicle that fits your budget and your goals.

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