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Buy Your Used Cars in Temple Hills

April 18, 2017  

used cars in Temple HillsCarSmart Now would like to remind you that it can be a good deal to buy used cars in Temple Hills. Let us help you count the ways, so to speak.

A used car might not have that wonderful new-car smell, but it also lacks several faults that are common with buying new cars. It won’t depreciate almost instantly as you drive it off the lot. It has already undergone that initial steep decline in value. Recalls and faults are likely to have already been revealed through use and been taken care of before your dealer sells it. It is likely to have a lower purchase price, and you will – therefore – pay less sales tax on the transaction. You will also pay lower personal property tax on the vehicle and it will cost less to insure. As for that new-car smell, our detailing and your favorite air freshener will soon endow your new-to-you vehicle with a fragrance that goes very well with the savings you have gleaned from your canny shopping. A low-mileage, gently used vehicle can often be a much better bargain than any comparable new car model.

CarSmart Now would like to remind you that it can be a good deal to buy used cars in Temple Hills, just call us at (888)292-8115. We’ll be glad to help you count the ways to save with a gently used, low-mileage vehicle. We take pride in presenting our cars in marketable condition. We can even recommend some nice air fresheners…just kidding. We do take pride in our vehicles, and we believe that used cars can be a good deal for you. You can browse our selection using our online search tool – one of the ways that we can help you save time as well as money.

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