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Low Mileage Cars in Capitol Heights

July 1, 2017  

low mileage cars in Capitol Heights

CarSmart Now can help you find low mileage cars in Capitol Heights. We are a buy here, lease here, car dealer with a huge selection of low mileage cars for sale.

Gently used, low mileage cars are an excellent vehicular investment. A new car can depreciate as much as 19% in the first year of ownership. That means that if you trade it in at the end of your first year of driving it, you will have lost 19% of your original investment. Depreciation does occur for used vehicles, as well, but not at such a dramatic rate. Your initial investment in buying a used car is likely to be less – after all, you are benefiting from that initial depreciation. You will, therefore, pay less sales tax on your purchase. Your insurance will also be lower – there is less value to be protected. Your annual personal property tax is likely to be lower, as well. If all of that is not enough to act as an incentive, your gently used vehicle is likely to have already made it through all of the new vehicle factory recalls, and have all the new car bugs worked out of it. Your low mileage vehicle might not have that new car cache, but it certainly has a lot of other perks.

CarSmart Now can help you find low mileage cars in Capitol Heights, just call us at (888) 292-8115 to learn more about the ways we can assist you. Or you can use our handy online selection tool to browse our thousands of used vehicles, just waiting for new owners. In addition, we maintain contact with hundreds of lenders to enable you to find exactly the vehicle financing that is right for you.

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