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Guiding You to Affordable Cars in Clinton

October 11, 2017  

affordable cars in Clinton

CarSmart Now can help guide you to affordable cars in Clinton. We have thousands of vehicles in inventory, and our handy search tool allows you to set your maximum price, make, and model. By shifting your criteria around a little, you will quickly discover that we have a vehicle for just about everyone.

Of course, affordable means different things to different people. A kindly aunt was helping her niece. The niece’s 2002 Ford Ranger had, at 300,000 miles on the odometer, developed a compression leak, problems with the brakes and a tail gate that wouldn’t open. The little truck had given good service, but all things wear out. “You should buy a Suburu,” the aunt said. “Something newer, that will last. I’ll pay for it.” The niece obligingly searched for Suburus and found a 2017 for $21,000. “You won’t like the price,” the niece said. “How much?” asked the aunt. The younger woman turned her laptop so her aunt could read the entry. “My inner accountant just went ‘gulp’,” the aunt said. The niece just nodded. Further searching turned up a 2004 Ford Ranger, XLT, at $4995 – a price much more to both their liking. Will this story have a happy ending? So far, so good – as the jumper said as he passed the fourth-floor window after leaping off a tall building. The best news is that at that price, the new Ford can be driven while the older one is being repaired, creating a spare for the next round of auto repairs.

CarSmart Now can help guide you to affordable cars in Clinton, just call us at (888)292-8115 or try out our online search tool to discover the many great bargains waiting for you. Whether you are going for something with a little more longevity, like the Suburu, or an immediate ride that will get you there and back again, we are certain we can help find something for you.

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