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Buying Tips for Used Cars in Cliniton

November 10, 2017  

Clinton for used car tips

You can turn to CarSmart Now near Clinton for used car tips. One of the most difficult decisions anyone on a slender budget can make is deciding when it is time to trade in your current used vehicle for a new-to-you car or truck.

The Oldsmobile was a pretty vehicle. Sparkling metallic blue on the outside, and blue plush interior. But the auto mechanic had bad news. “It’s leaking coolant into the motor,” he said. “It won’t last long at this rate.” Sure enough, driving home from the library after an evening shift of crying babies, parents who wanted one kind of book while the kid wanted another, and desperate college students writing last minute papers, the librarian’s car engine began to knock. She drove slowly in the passing lane, trying to make a decision, when it was made for her. Flashing red and blue lights in her mirror indicated that she needed to pull off the street. She pulled into a parking lot, and turned off the key. The motor coughed, died, and emitted a belch of smoke. She opened the door slightly, because everything was automatic and wouldn’t work without the motor running. “I’m sorry, officer,” she said. “I’m having car trouble.” Times such as this make it clear that new car is essential.

Call CarSmart Now at (888) 292-8115, near Clinton for used car tips. If your car or truck has just gasped its last, we have a huge selection of gently used, low mileage vehicles from which you may choose. We also are in contact with hundreds of lenders, so we can work with you – even if that old car isn’t going to be worth much as a trade in. When the rods start knocking, and black smoke pours out of the tailpipe, it’s a pretty sure sign that you need a new car. Don’t despair, we can help.

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