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Wrap Up the Year with Used Cars in Temple Hills

December 31, 2017  

used cars in Temple Hills

Carsmart Now encourages buyers to wrap up the year with used cars in Temple Hills. While it might seem “up-town” to purchase a brand-new vehicle, there are some very good reasons not to indulge in that new-car cachet.

Your new car will depreciate madly within minutes of driving off the lot. You will pay a bigger price tag for that car, and you will certainly, therefore, pay more in sales tax. If you are making time payments on your vehicle – as most of us do – you will be paying interest on a larger loan, and you will also pay more in insurance. You will be forced to carry full coverage, of course, on any vehicle that has an outstanding loan on it. If those reasons are not enough to make you think twice, consider these additional thoughts. If you want a plain sort of vehicle that just gets you from point A to point B, chances are you don’t need a wi-fi connection for your phone, a super speaker, or a camera to help you see what is behind you – or a hundred or more bells and whistles that seem to be added to each and every new car.

CarSmart Now, at (888)292-8115, encourages buyers to wrap up the year with used cars in Temple Hills. We know that used cars have that nice, unused aroma. But that is only going to last until you transport the kid that always gets carsick, take your dog to the vet or pick up Great-Uncle Harry, who always smells like tobacco and rum. You can detail a used vehicle, install an air freshener and enjoy the lower costs of owning a gently used, low-mileage new-to-you car or truck.

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