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Credit Tricks: Car Loans with Bad Credit in Washington DC

February 22, 2018  

Car Loans with Bad Credit in Washington DC

CarSmart Now maintains contact with hundreds of reputable lenders, so that customers who require it can get car loans with bad credit in Washington DC. More than that, responsible, regular payments sent to us will steadily improve your credit rating.

Late payments, missed payments, and other problems will decrease your credit rating. Amazingly, so will having no credit history at all. If this is your first time making purchases on timed payments, having no credit history often means a low credit rating.

Interestingly enough, so will having had a credit card, paying it off, and then canceling it. This has to do with the formula used to determine your credit score which takes into consideration the number of payments you are making each month, the total dollar amount for them, and your payment history. You can have too much credit, as well as too little credit. Too many credit cards and monthly payments might cause a lender to wonder what would happen if you get a glitch in your income – something that can easily happen through no fault of your own. Having a little put by for emergencies, even if it is not enough to purchase a car, can help save your credit when you are between jobs.

CarSmart Now can help you with your car loans with bad credit in Washington DC, just call us at (888)292-8115 to learn more. We are always glad to give our customers a hand up. We’ve all been there, and we all know how it can be, so we are happy to smooth the way for you. If you are recovering from a challenging financial situation, and need reliable transportation, we are confident that we can match you up with a lender and with a car.

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