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Buying Used Cars with Poor Credit in Alexandria

April 13, 2018  

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Hillcrest HeightsCarSmart  has what you need if you are buying used cars with poor credit in Alexandria. We have contact with hundreds of lenders to help you get an auto loan, and we have an inventory of thousands of vehicles at competitive prices.

Life experiences can sometimes do a number on your credit rating, causing it to plummet in a few short weeks. Job loss, medical emergencies, or a momentary lapse in judgment when buying that thing that you’ve longed for all your life – the causes for a drop in your credit rating can be many and varied.  Sometimes, different causes can combine to besmirch your credit standing. When that happens, especially if your primary vehicle develops mechanical problems at the same time, you might be at a loss as to what you should do about your situation.

We can help. Because we do maintain contact with so many different lenders, we can almost always locate a lender who can help with an auto loan. Then, when you make regular payments to us, those payments are recorded on your credit record. Those regular payments can make a world of difference in your credit standing and can help you start to build your credit standing again.

CarSmart can help you if you are buying used cars with poor credit in Alexandria, just give us a call at (888) 292-8115 to learn more. We know what it is like to live on a budget. Our friendly agents can help you with filling out paperwork, and with contacting the various lenders. We can’t rewrite history or change the world, but we can help make it a little bit easier to face.

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My experience was AMAZING! Da’antes customer service was unmatched! I totally appreciate everything went well thank you for assisting me with my purchase

I'm so happy,They went above and beyond to get me into a nice vehicle.Please check them out.

My daughter got her car from here so I wouldn’t get a car from them they ok if you don’t have credit they are nice people so if anyone looking to buy go there for building up credit

Ishmael and the entire team were beyond AMAZING!! Truly a gem!! A+ Champion service!!

Ismael is wonderful and the ENTIRE team! A+ CHAMPION SERVICE

The best car buying experience...when everyone said no they made it happen

I had the best and easiest experience today at Carsmart. Ismail and Daunte helped me get in a 2021 vehicle even with my repossession. These guys go the distance to get you in a car!! My son and his fiance came and they got a car too!! Come out to Carsmart, you'll be happy you did!!

Just wanted to say I am very pleased with the service I got today from MR. Haseeb & ismail & Daunte & Raeshawn they did everything in their power to help me leave today with my brand new 2021 Chevy trax. Couldn’t be any happier I will definitely recommend anyone to come to these awesome people thank you so much

Awesome service, everything was fast a east. I definitely recommend the service. S/o to D'aunte

The service at Carsmart is top notch. Even though I came in with not all my ducks in a row they got me out the door with a car that me and my spouse are happy with. And a special thanks to Raeshawn for all her help with the car buying process and my kids who ran her up a wall.