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Affordable Cars in Washington DC

May 24, 2018  

Affordable Cars in Washington DC

CarSmart Now has affordable cars in Washington DC and surrounding areas. Affordable cars come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that should be a part of that package is that the vehicle should be functional as well as affordable. While purchasing a vehicle “as is” might sometimes be a buyer’s only option, we offer an entire suite of warranties and service plans to take the uncertainty out of purchasing a new-to-you vehicle.

For example, we offer extended service contracts on all cars that have fewer than 1000 miles and up to 10,000 miles on vehicles that are still under factory warranty. If the car doesn’t qualify for that, you can purchase a service plan that can be financed over an 18-month period at 0% interest. Gap insurance can also be purchased to make up the difference between the amount covered by your regular insurance and the amount owed on a vehicle in case there might be an accident that totals out the vehicle. Our favorite warranty is the Lifetime Engine Defender that warranties the engine for as long as you own the car, regardless of its age or the number of miles on it. Considering that an engine replacement is one of the two most expensive auto repairs possible (the other being a transmission replacement) that is definitely something to think about.

Call CarSmart Now at (888) 292-8115 to learn more about affordable cars in Washington DC and surrounding areas. We enjoy offering both extended service contracts and warranties to our customers because we know that good service means repeat business. It is also something of which we can be proud as a responsible business practice that gives added value to people who buy from us. It is just one of the way we help our neighbors.

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