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Get Help With Bankruptcy Auto Loans in Clinton

November 20, 2018  

Get Help With Bankruptcy Auto Loans in Clinton

CarSmart has the help that you need when it comes to bankruptcy auto loans in Clinton. It is one of the peculiar things about life that it doesn’t just end when you take out bankruptcy. You still have to eat, have a roof over your head and a way to get to work. Sometimes, you have to take out new credit in order to deal with the problems that got you into credit difficulty in the first place. Having reliable transportation is part of the process when you need to get back on track from a financial standpoint.

The help we can give you depends, in large part, on the type of bankruptcy you have entered into. There are two main personal bankruptcy types. The first, Chapter 7, is for the discharge of debts. For this one, you surrender non-exempt property in order to pay off your debts. The second, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you do not have to surrender items. Instead, you restructure your debt so that it becomes manageable. The judge and the trustee will consider whether your creditors are being treated fairly.

After a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will not have any further payments to make. You are finished and are starting with a new slate. One of the keys to getting loans after a Chapter 7 is starting new payment plan credit. Chapter 13 is a little different in that you might need permission to take out new credit. As it happens, purchasing a car is one of the allowable types of credit.

CarSmart is ready to work with you on your bankruptcy auto loans in Clinton, just call us at (888) 292-8115 to learn more. Our financial advisers are ready to work with you to get through the paperwork. Making regular payments on a loan with us is one way to start rebuilding your credit rating.

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