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Winter Maintenance Tips for Low Mileage Cars in Groveton

February 16, 2021  

Winter Maintenance Tips for Low Mileage Cars in Groveton

Winter driving can be a challenge, especially in the snow and frigid temperatures that have lately blanketed much of the US. CarSmart wants our clients to stay safe on the road. Here are eight tips that can help. If you need a new vehicle, we offer low mileage cars in Groveton that are affordable and dependable.

  • Clear Headlights – Early sunsets and gray days make bright lights essential. Remove snow from all exterior lights before driving. Change out, or restore foggy or yellow headlights. Replace burnt-out bulbs immediately.
  • Battery Check – If you think your battery may be weak, have it tested. Cold weather stresses engines and batteries. A weak battery can leave you stranded if it becomes a dead battery.
  • Fill Your Coolant – Make sure your antifreeze is filled. This keeps the engine from freezing. Check the system for leaks.
  • Keep These Tanks Filled – Keeping your gas tank and your washer fluid tank filled is vital. For one thing, keeping them full means they are less likely to freeze. A full gas tank means you can run your engine longer if you get stranded.
  • Winter Tires – Winter tires are a wise investment. You can have all-wheel drive, but it isn’t going to matter if you have poor tires.
  • Check Your Tire Pressure – Tire pressure can drop when the air gets colder. This is not good for many reasons. Driving with tires with low pressure can lead to accidents. Tires can wear easier if the pressure is low.
  • Defroster and Heater – You definitely want to keep this in good working order. Staying warm and being able to defrost the windows is a must.
  • Survival Kit – Keep a winter survival kit in your car. It should include a blanket, first-aid kit, flashlight, jumper cables, water, snacks, and a cell phone charger.

Take care of your low mileage cars in Groveton by following these simple tips. And contact CarSmart if we can help with an auto loan. Give us a call at (888) 292-8115.

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