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Is it Time to Get a New Car? Shop With An Auto Dealer In Fort Washington!

June 29, 2021  

Is it Time to Get a New Car? Shop With An Auto Dealer In Fort Washington!

Some people are obsessed with cars and can’t wait to trade their current ones for a new set of wheels. However, before you rush out to the nearest auto dealer in Fort Washington, it makes better sense to find out if your current vehicle is worth hanging on to or trading in.

Is Your Current Car Is Still Roadworthy?

The average lifespan of cars manufactured over the past decade is now more than ten years. If your current car is just a few years old, it is likely to be roadworthy, and you’ll save money hanging on to it despite the regular repairs. Bring it into our technicians at CarSmart for a new set of tires or new belts or bearings, and it will run as good as new. Older cars also have lower insurance costs.

If getting mileage is driving you to get a new car, consider that with the low gas prices, you’d need to be filling up often to save substantially, which does not really add up. So, miles per gallon or MPG should not be the only considering factor when buying a newer car, especially if the financial benefit is negligible.

When To Buy

There will come a time when you have to let go of the old and make way for the new.

Buying a car is an investment that you have to live with for many years, so you always want to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. While getting a brand-new car is what most people prefer, you’ll be surprised at the options available, even for pre-owned cars.

Other benefits include:

  • Minimizes depreciation, so you get complete value for your money
  • You save money on registration fees and other charges
  • Add-on installations by the previous owner come to you at no extra cost
  • Reduced car insurance premium rates
  • Eco-friendly options

When looking for an auto dealer in Fort Washington, CarSmart also offers financing options at zero to low interest. If you’re looking for a newer car, connect with us today at (888) 261-5994.

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