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Problems with Your Auto Loans? Check Out Used Car Buying Tips with Poor Credit in Arlington!

July 13, 2021  

roblems with Your Auto Loans? Check Out Used Car Buying Tips with Poor Credit in Arlington!

By definition, poor credit is considered any score from 300 to 579, and it can have massive effects on loans, finance deals, and payment plans. Even automotive decisions can be affected by bad credit rankings. However, not all hope is lost. This blog covers some used car buying tips with poor credit in Arlington.

Side note: While you work to elevate your credit score, there’s no reason you have to miss out on driving an affordable vehicle. However, it’s important to remember that the higher your credit rankings, the better your chances of getting better loans and financial plans in the future. This applies to anything from homes to cars and more, so be sure to make your credit score a priority.

Make a Significant Down Payment

Regardless of how you got it, poor credit can reflect poorly on your history of on-time payments. A significant down payment of at least 20-percent of a car’s total will help build trust between you and a dealership. For example, if a car is $12,000, try to put down at least $2,400 as a starter payment.

Ask Someone to Be a Cosigner

A cosigner should be someone you trust that trusts you in return. Their good credit history will balance out your poor credit history. It puts you and a cosigner in a partnership of making payments on time.

Tip: Be realistic with your expectations. Go with an affordable, nice used car that you can easily pay off with regular, on-time payments. This will also help you elevate your credit score.

Try CarSmart!

We at CarSmart are well aware that some unavoidable circumstances sometimes, like credit cards or student loans, could tank your credit score. Hopefully, these used car buying tips with poor credit in Arlington have helped you feel more secure and confident. Feel free to give us a call for more information at 888-292-8115.

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