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Reliable and Trustworthy Low Mileage Cars Near Washington DC

February 18, 2022  

There’s a misconception that used cars of any kind or caliber are less reliable and reputable than new cars. However, it’s been proven time and again that, in most cases, used cars are more reliable because they’ve already been driven and checked over for problems. At the same time, new cars have been skimmed for issues but haven’t been “broken in” as a daily driver, made more trustworthy by a diligent motorist. Low mileage cars in Washington DC, such as the models we offer at CarSmart, are reliable, trustworthy, and checked thoroughly for the best possible results.

Shopping for low mileage cars gives you more, as the saying goes, bang for your buck. Most cars lose a good chunk of value as they age, but low mileage cars have already proven that they are built to last. Your money can take you further with a used car, something with a few miles already put on it. This means you can get something you like without having to spend more money on a brand new car.

Low Mileage Cars Outlast Depreciation and Annual Automotive Launches

On average, there are 340 to 350 cars released by various brands across the United States annually. That’s a lot of new cars to choose from! However, if you see something you like brand-new, it’s likely out of your price range, and the kinks haven’t been worked out of the mechanical components just yet. The best course of action? To wait.

As cars age, their value depreciates. Those brand-new cars become low mileage cars, bringing them down to your price range.

At CarSmart, we believe the best car is the one you love to drive, so come down to check out our low mileage cars in Washington DC. We have a huge selection, so you are sure to find something you’ll connect with. Give us a call at (888) 292-8115 for more information!

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