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Acura RDX for Sale in Temple Hills MD


The Acura RDX for sale in Temple Hills MD through Car Smart- Luxury at its finest!

The Acura RDX for sale in Temple Hills MD via Car Smart was the first compact luxury crossover SUV to have come out of the assembly lines at Honda. It takes the reins from the Acura MDX, since they altered the size, price and space within the MDX. The all wheel drive system located in the Acura RDX requires a special platform on which the vehicle is set. Till 2012, the first generation of the vehicle was being manufactured, but last year in January, Honda Acura introduced the second generation of the Acura RDX, which has a refined exterior and a plush interior, not to mention changes under the hood that really set the car aside from other competitors.

The turbo charged four cylinder engine, that was present in the first generation models, will now be axed and in its place, there will be a 3.5 L V6 engine called ‘Earth Dreams’. It is set with a 6 speed automatic transmission, and the EPA rating is somewhere around 20/ 28/ 23 mpg. Previously, the Acura RDX had a SH- AWD system, which has now been changed for something that is less expensive, the simpler AWD setup. It comes with a rear view camera, includes a 15 GB hard drive in the system which can be used for navigational purposes or for storing media in your car.

It includes wireless music play back, has plush interiors and a very classy outlook, not to mention the convenience of pulling back the handles on the back of the seats, which automatically folds them up, creating a lot more space and freedom inside for extra storage. The Acura RDX for sale in Temple Hills MD is a worthwhile purchase for anybody looking for a stylish SUV.

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