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Acura RL for sale in Temple Hills MD

Acura RL Image 4_25_2013

The Acura RL for sale in Temple Hills MD – A fine vehicle!

The Acura RL for sale in Temple Hills MD at Big Joe’s Auto is perhaps one of the finest vehicles to have come out of Honda Acura’s manufacturing lines. Often at the receiving end of numerous different awards and honors, the Acura RL has everything that you would expect from a luxury vehicle. Even though the model has been discontinued, you can still find some new vehicles at Big Joe’s Autos. The RL in the name of the vehicle is an abbreviation that stands for Refined Luxury, and it is evident from every aspect of the car that is designed for luxurious purposes. Numerous updates such as a six speed transmission have been introduced, changing from the five speed automatic transmission that had been receiving criticism.

The car comes with power folding mirrors, a full leather interior, improvements in gas mileage, taking it’s EPA rating up to 17/ 24/ 20. From Big Joe’s Autos, you can also get parking and backup sensors installed in the car, allowing for further convenience.  The car runs on bespoke 15” aluminum wheels, which include a unique material that is responsible for noise silencing technology within the car. These resonators, which are installed within the wheels, are regarded as the first to be used in a passenger vehicle.

You have the option of installing a V8 engine a s per your preference, but for a mid- sized luxury sedan model, this is not really a necessity. Even though the car failed in the market, it was regarded as being one of the finest models in its early stages, and since its discontinuation, you can now get the car at very low rates. So check out the Acura RL for sale in Temple Hills MD today from Car Smart!

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