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BMW M3 for Sale in Temple Hills MD

BMW M3 image 5_24_2013

The BMW M3 for Sale in Temple Hills MD from Car Smart

The BMW M3 for sale in Temple Hills MD is the high performance model of the famous BMW 3 Series. The car was first introduced back in 1985, and has a lot of features that are similar to the 3 Series, but the engine has been turbo charged and a number of improvements have been made under the hood to make it one of the most powerful vehicles on the road at present. The BMW M3 is available as a road car or as a racing vehicle, depending upon your choice. A ‘lightweight’ model has also been developed that provides even more speed.

The car has seen numerous changes in the body. For instance, even though the same uni- body is used as the BMW 3 series, approximately 12 different panels have been added within the vehicle in order to significantly improve road performance and the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Suspensions have also been changed in order to provide a smoother handling while driving at fast speeds, and to provide maximum control while driving at fast paces. The BMW M3 comes with a 4.0 L S65 V8 engine, although it varies in the road versions and the racing car versions. It is available as a sedan, convertible and a coupe.

Even though the main focus of the car lies on the speeds and performance, the BMW M3 is packed with luxury options, which make it one of the best vehicles on the road today. There is a dedicated navigation system and the car comes with the BMW Ultimate Service Guarantee, while the dedicated BMW Apps also become unlocked. The car is lined with fine Nappa leather seats, and the 2 zone climate control system ensures the perfect temperature inside. The BMW M3 for sale in Temple Hills MD from Car Smart is a powerful beast to say the least.

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