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BMW M5 for Sale in Temple Hills MD

BMW M5 image 5_24_2013

The BMW M5 for Sale in Temple Hills MD from Car Smart

The BMW M5 for sale in Temple Hills MD through Car Smart is a vehicle designed for power lovers. Those who are familiar with BMW’s naming technique will know that the BMW M5 is basically the high performance version of the BMW 5 Series. As is obvious, the BMW M5 includes a range of different tweaks and changes under the hood that make it one of the finest vehicles on the road at present. The BMW M5 is designed primarily for racing, but a road car model is available, with toned down features. Here are some of the best model highlights of the BMW M5:

The latest offering of the BMW M5, known as the F10 was first introduced to the public eye back in 2011, at the Motor Show held in Frankfurt. Since then, the company has improved upon its latest offering, and the 2013 offering comes with a variant of the S63 twin turbo 4.4 L V8 engine, which packs a lot of power. The car has a higher turbo boost as compared to its predecessors. However, you can get a powerful V12 engine installed as well if you choose to ‘build your own BMW M5’. Compared to the 5 Series, a lot of changes have been made to the vehicle, including numerous tweaks and alterations to the aerodynamics of the vehicle, with new panels being added. In order to support the faster speeds and to provide a smoother driving experience, the suspensions have also been replaced with more powerful ones that provide much better handling and a smoother drive. The BMW M5 was designed by one of the chief designers in the company, Adrian Van Hooydonk. The BMW M5 for sale in Temple Hills MD from Car Smart is surely worth a look at if you are looking for sheer power.

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