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Dodge Caliber for Sale in Temple Hills, MD

Dodge Caliber image 10_9_2013

The Dodge Caliber for Sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart

The Dodge Caliber for sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart is stylish, beautiful and trustworthy. Dodge has been renowned for introducing a number of different vehicles that have really proven to be big names in the automobile industry, and the Dodge Caliber certainly fits the profile. Introduced first in 2007, the Dodge Caliber was very popular and received numerous awards. The car was eventually discontinued in favor of the Dodge Dart, but it still received a number of awards, which just confirmed the fact that the Dodge Caliber was one of the finest vehicles of its time.

The Dodge Caliber 2012 model runs on a 2.4 L GEMA i4 Turbo Warhawk engine, which is capable of producing 285 bhp as well as 265 lb- ft of torque. For a vehicle that was the smallest in terms of size in the Dodge range throughout its time, the Dodge Caliber is certainly quite popular. Add to the fact that the Dodge Caliber also has a lot of space on the inside, and you will be surprised at what you are getting. The Dodge Caliber was a very common occurrence in street races, because of its fast speeds and small size, and the company even began to offer the option of a turbo charged i4 engine that enhances speeds even further.

The Dodge Caliber also does not shy away in terms of comfort and luxury on the inside. The car includes a stylish leather trimmed interior as well as leather wrapped steering wheel that includes audio system controls too. The Dodge Caliber includes a navigational assistant system as well as a rear view parking assist system to maximize driving convenience. The Dodge Caliber for sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart is one of Dodge’s finest.

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