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Dodge Durango for Sale in Temple Hills, MD

Dodge Durango image 10_9_2013

The Dodge Durango for Sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart

The Dodge Durango for sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart is one of Dodge’s finest SUVs. Currently available at a very affordable price, the Dodge Durango provides you with a powerful combination of performance, beauty and an absolutely flawless driving experience. Everything that you could ask of a top of the line vehicle is now available with the Durango, and for people who are looking for a complete all in one SUV, the Durango is not only the feasible choice, it is also one of the finest in the market.

The Dodge Durango is powered by a top of the line 3.6 L V6 Penta Star engine, which is capable of generating up to 295 hp. For power hungry customers who want a more powerful engine, the company is also offering the choice of a 5.7 HEMI V8 engine, which can generate up to 360 hp. With maximum towing capacity standing at 7,400 lbs, the Durango is perfect for hauling and towing purposes. The car comes with a six speed automatic transmission, with Auto Stick integrated. And, electronic stability control is also installed within the vehicle.

The Dodge Durango might be all about power, but it certainly includes top of the line amenities and luxuries inside. The car includes a tri zone climate control system, as well as performance inspired gauged. Apart from that, the Dodge uConnect Touch Screen is also included that provides seamless control of all systems. A 18 speaker surround sound Harman Kardon speaker system is also installed within the vehicle.  With BlueTooth integration as well, you can easily connect your mobile phone for hands free control. The Dodge Durango for sale in Temple Hills, MD from Car Smart is amazing all around.

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