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Pre-Owned Vehicles in Alexandria

Pre-Owned Cars For Sale in Alexandria

When shopping for a vehicle it can often be more practical to buy a pre-owned car for many reasons. They can be more affordable than a new vehicle, if poor credit is an issue then it is easier to find a pre-owned car at some dealerships than a new one.

Pre-Owned Trucks For Sale in Alexandria

Our stock of trucks include all popular makes and models such as Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan and more. We are happy to help find that dream truck that will fit every need possible at a price that is affordable.

Pre-Owned SUV’s For Sale in Alexandria

When shopping for pre-owned SUV’s for sale in Alexandria, look no farther than CarSmart as we have a large stock of SUVs at reasonable pricing.

Pre-Owned Mini-Vans For Sale in Alexandria

At CarSmart we have many of the trendy models of Pre-Owned Mini-Vans For Sale in Alexandria, available at sensible prices.

Pre-Owned Convertible Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Convertible cars are sporty, fun, and fills the dream of feeling the wind in the hair. When looking for that dream convertible the choice must be made between hard-top and soft-top as well as other features.

Pre-Owned Acura Cars For Sale in Alexandria

The popular Acura is not only known for its reliability; but is also known for their performance, luxury, technology with many features. They have a line-up that is infused with sedans, hybrids, and SUVs that have unique style to them.

Pre-Owned Audi Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Audi is a name synonymous with luxury, style, performance as well as, great fuel economy.  With a wide range of models from sporty convertible, sedans, and SUVs there is a vehicle to meet all needs. Our large selection of  high quality Pre-Owned Audi Cars For Sale in Alexandria, are reasonably priced.

Pre-Owned BMW Cars For Sale in Alexandria

The Bavarian Motor Works Co. or (BMW) is a widely respected automobile manufacturer, and their vehicles are known for luxury, power, and style as well as the unique feeling they give the driver of being one with the road when they are driving. CarSmart has a large stock of quality Pre-Owned BMW Cars For Sale in Alexandria.

Pre-Owned Buick Cars For Sale in Alexandria

The Buick is known for its innovation , and luxury, but has recently also added better handling and ride dynamics to upgrade its style to a more contemporary one. We at CarSmart know the quality of a Buick which is why we have a large stock of Pre-Owned Buick Cars For Sale in Alexandria.

Pre-Owned Chevrolet Cars For Sale in Alexandria

From compact hatchbacks to SUVs and trucks Chevrolet has an impressive line-up that is known by its fair priced, versatile vehicles. Identified by the “bow-tie” which is an iconic symbol as well as the Camaro and Corvette that are well known vehicles made by Chevrolet. CarSmart has a large variety of quality Pre-Owned Chevrolet Cars For Sale in Alexandria.

Pre-Owned Dodge Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Iconic vehicles such as the Charger, Ram Truck or even the sporty Viper have all been manufactured by Dodge. They are one of the oldest manufacturers in the auto industry and have performance-oriented, with great style and quality their line-up gives in to many tastes for their consumers including cars, sedans, SUVs and Mini-vans.

Pre-Owned Ford Cars For Sale in Alexandria

“Built Ford Tough” is an iconic saying to Ford owners, the manufacturer has been around for more than a century now producing a large line-up of cars, trucks, and SUVs. These vehicles are not only quality vehicles but they are also affordable.

Pre-Owned GMC Cars For Sale in Alexandria

GMC’s large line-up of SUVs, trucks and vans are known for their wide array of features, styling and as well as power in some of the models they make, although they are similar to Chevy in many ways they have many features that set them apart.

Pre-Owned Honda Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Honda vehicles are known for their reliability, but also for their driving and owning experience.  They have a better than average fuel-economy, and a large line-up of vehicles ranging from sedans to hybrids and even SUVs. It is a well respected manufacturer of quality vehicles.

Pre-Owned Hyundai Cars For Sale in Alexandria

The Korean automaker Hyundai produces affordable vehicles with extraordinarily long warranties on their cars and SUVs. They are reliable vehicles with great performance as well as great design and economical hybrids as well. With a large line-up of cars, crossovers and SUVs they cater to all needs.

Pre-Owned Jeep For Sale in Alexandria

Jeep is not the normal term for that rugged terrain vehicle anymore. Jeep manufactures Trucks and SUVs that still give that off-highway adventure. From WWII Jeep has been manufacturing the iconic vehicle and now has evolved into more enticing models for its consumers.

Pre-Owned Kia Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Kia cars are known for their affordable pricing, as well as performance, substantial warranty program, and the sporty styling of their well-built sedans, crossovers, and coupes. With these vehicles in their line-up Kia has been able to keep their brand growing at a value with their technology as well.

Pre-Owned Lexus Cars For Sale in Alexandria

When the word luxury pops up one vehicle that comes to mind is the Lexus, they are well crafted, plush , powerful with nearly silent engines. These extremely refined vehicles, are reliable and distinguished in everything including quality and comfort. Lexus has a large line-up of Cars and SUVs so suit every taste.

Pre-Owned Mercedes Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Mercedes is quality, luxury and refinement all rolled into one vehicle that are shiny status symbols for the wealthy. They have a large line-up of SUVs, sedans, coupes and even roadsters that will take care of the taste of every palate.

Pre-Owned Nissan For Sale in Alexandria

Nissan’s trucks, family sedans, SUVs, coupes , and even its mini-vans are known for quality and reliability. They are well-designed, fun to drive and the company is well-respected for the vehicles it manufactures.  They produce a wide range of style to suit many tastes and we at CarSmart carry many of those styles.

Pre-Owned Mitsubishi Cars For Sale in Alexandria

CarSmart has many models of pre-owned Mitsubishi cars for sale in Alexandria, at reasonable prices. Mitsubishi cars and SUVs are an affordable selection for vehicles when looking to buy pre-owned. This vehicle manufacturer gives above average performance, and styling as well as, turbo-charged, green vehicles like their Outback, and Mirage.

Pre-Owned Toyota Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Toyota uses cutting edge technology, to make their models durable and reliable, they are also known for being fuel efficient. Toyota remains popular because of this and with their current extensive line-up of cars, trucks, SUVs and mini-vans  there is plenty to choose from.

Pre-Owned Porsche Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Porsche is a luxury and high performance vehicle, that has long been categorized as a sports vehicle. They are made to be resilient, with a luxury and performance that no other vehicle offers. Porsche is changing with the economy as well as its tastes while holding on to their current vehicle quality.

Pre-Owned Volkswagen Cars For Sale in Alexandria

At CarSmart we understand wanting to drive a lavish vehicle such as the Volkswagen Toureg, or the adorable New Beetle; which is why we carry many pre-owned Volkswagen cars for sale in Alexandria, at fair prices.

One Owner Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Our selection of One owner vehicles are of the highest quality and are each inspected carefully by a license mechanic before they are placed on our lot for viewing.

One Owner Trucks For Sale in Alexandria

CarSmart has a large selection of quality one owner trucks for sale in Alexandria , in a variety of shapes, sizes with many features to meet many different needs.

One Owner SUV’s For Sale in Alexandria

No matter what the need, there is an SUV to fill it. There are many makes and models of SUVs manufactured today and finding the perfect used SUV can be confusing and stressful. CarSmart helps relieve that stress by offering a large selection of One Owner SUV’s For Sale in Alexandria, at fair and reasonable prices.

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Came to car smart on Saint Barnabas rd! Didn't think I was going to get approved and varicella and Tim made it happen! They were very professional and honest! So believe when they call and say your job is your credit. It's the truth.

This place was good patient they work with I would recommend anytime Tim an vaurice where very helpful along with the rest of the staff!!

I had a very lovely experience at CarSmart today. They helped me get financed with bad credit. Vaurice, Dante, Ismail and Tim will get you into a new vehicle. They were fast and super professional and very nice. If you need a new car, Come on over to CarSmart. They can get the job done.

I am well,well pleased with the service that I received from CarSmart, especially Dante's. You were an excellent salesman and showed much respect to me and my friend during the purchase of my new vehicle. I appreciate you and keep up the great work 😊.

Vaurice was Great ! Got us in and out in no time. Would definitely recommend this place to family.

I came here not sure if I would leave with a vehicle. But everyone was so great careing and showed so much respect that I was was so over well with the care that everyone gave. If I ever have have to get another vehicle I will have come here. I will refer anyone. The best of them all are Sales Rep. Vaurice was my sellsman and he was extremely great along with Ismail and Haceeb. THANK YOU Carsmart.

Great experience love this car dealer and vaurice was a great help everything was excellent. The process was fast and easy and we got the best deal in the area.

Carsmart is the best, they helped me get a vehicle when nobody else would. Vaurice was excellent with assistance, nice attitude. Everybody should come to Carsmart especially for low credit options.

Got my car from here. They were good ppl!

First time getting my car and the experience with them was great! They work great with you to get the car that fits right for you and make sure that it’s something you can afford. Vaurice is nice, professional and knowledgeable about the cars. The entire team is great and make you feel comfortable with speaking to them.