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Top Ten Used Cars in Alexandria

Used Audi Cars For Sale in Arlington

It is not always easy to shop for a used car as comparison shopping has to come into play. In a lot of ways it may be better to buy a new car but it is not always practical for some to do so. It is stressful and can take a lot of time to find the used car that meets every need whether it is for a soccer mom, luxury vehicle, or basic transportation CarSmart can help find one of the Top Ten Used Cars in Alexandria.

Reliable transportation that will offer whomever is driving the feeling of safety and knowing they can get from point A to point B without worry.  Here is our list of top ten used cars.

  1. Toyota Corolla- rarely brakes and when something does its not catastrophic.
  2. Honda Civic- A reliable car that has very few complaints from drivers.
  3. Hyundai Tiburon – Cheap to maintain and parts for repair are inexpensive.
  4. Toyota Tacoma – It is very coveted mid-sized truck, and is very reliable.
  5. Ford Ranger- Cheaper than the Tacoma and is available in V6 for fuel economy.
  6. Lexus IS – Is fun, compact luxury sedan, that is reliable holds up well.
  7. Ford Escort- The mechanics say reliability as well as being cheap
  8. Chevy Cavalier- this is relatively the same as the Escort.
  9. Mazda Miata- Well-balanced, a great manual gearbox, and good power.
  10. Honda S2000 – Is a Miata on steroids, great on the highways, and is a bit faster than the Miata.

We offer a wide selection of these and many more vehicles in our inventory, and our staff is on hand to help when choosing and purchasing one of them as we want to make it as stress-free experience possible. Providing a one-stop solution to vehicle purchasing from the credit application all the way to the signing of the paperwork is our way of helping to lower the stress and make the finance process as simple as possible.

We are able to guarantee all of our auto loans as we have strong relationships with the lenders we work with. Our staff understands that each credit profile is different from the next in number and history and this is why we work with each separately and try to tailor a loan for each.

Contact CarSmart at (888)292-8115 and speak with our staff about looking at one of our Top Ten Used Cars in Alexandria today, we will help with everything.