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Used Vehicles in Alexandria

Used Cars in Alexandria

Being able to find the right used cars in Alexandria can be a difficult process, unless you find the right dealership to work with from the start.

Car Dealer in Alexandria

When trying to find the best Car Dealer in Alexandria, look no further than the inventory here at CarSmart. Unlike our competition, we aim to offer a unique and pain free buying experience.

Auto Dealer in Alexandria

One of the first decisions that has to be made when purchasing a new car is which auto dealer in Alexandria is the best to work with.

Low Mileage Cars in Alexandria

When shopping for a vehicle it is often better to look at used or low-mileage cars as they will be more affordable than a brand new vehicle would be. At CarSmart we have a large inventory of Low Mileage Cars in Alexandria at affordable prices.

Affordable Cars in Alexandria

Affordable cars is what many people look for when they start to shop for a vehicle. If a budget needs to be met then searching for something that is affordable, inside that budget, as well as appealing can be stressful.

Low Mileage Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Low Mileage Cars For Sale in Alexandria, are one example as they are usually more affordable than a new car and have less mileage, and have more life in them than their used car counterparts.

Affordable Cars For Sale in Alexandria

When shopping for a car, truck, or SUV  on a budget , affordable is a top priority to look for.  CarSmart has many reliable Affordable Cars For Sale in Alexandria,  in stock to choose from. Our prices are reasonable and we have many finance options drive that dream car off the lot.

Used Car Tips in Alexandria

Our staff is on hand to help when purchasing a vehicle so the stress level in buying a car is lowered as much as possible. We provide a one-stop solution to car, truck, and SUV purchasing; from the credit application right down to the signing of the paperwork.

Top Ten Used Cars in Alexandria

Reliable transportation that will offer whomever is driving the feeling of safety and knowing they can get from point A to point B without worry.

Used Cars For Sale in Alexandria

The relationships we have with our lenders allow us to guarantee all our auto loans, and since our finance staff is on site we are able to offer many more finance options.

Used Trucks For Sale in Alexandria

Trying to find the perfect truck with the exact needs at an affordable price is not always easy, add that on shopping for Used Trucks For Sale in Alexandria and it becomes more stressful, as there are many makes and models to choose from in the area.

Used SUV’s For Sale in Alexandria

Each SUV comes in a range of sizes and prices depending on each special condition and even budget that is on-hand to purchase the SUV.

Used Mini-Vans For Sale in Alexandria

A multi-person family has one of two large vehicles they usually choose from when looking for that perfect vehicle an SUV or a mini-van. Those that choose a mini-van are more often than not, looking for lots of room and certain accessories that the specific vehicle they chose can give them.

Used Convertible Cars For Sale in Alexandria

It is overwhelming in choosing what type of vehicle to buy when looking for a used vehicle even more so when a convertible is the model chosen. When choosing a used convertible there are many choices in hard or soft tops between all makes manufactured. At CarSmart offer a wide variety of Used Convertible Cars For Sale in Alexandria at great prices.

Used Acura Cars For Sale in Alexandria

The relationships we have forged with many lenders across the nation have allowed us to guarantee all our auto loans regardless of the credit bad or good, and since our finance team is located on site we are able to offer many more finance options.

Used Audi Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Audi are popular vehicles which is why we ensure to have many in stock on our lot, at fair and reasonable prices. We provide a buying experience that is second to none and when looking for Used Audi Cars For Sale in Alexandria, the best place to find reliable and quality Audi is CarSmart.

Used BMW Cars For Sale in Alexandria

BMWs are a popular vehicle, known for their power, style, and comfort, they also have a characteristic all their own; a knack for giving the driver the feeling they are one with the road.

Used Buick Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Buick has been around for a long time, known for their innovation, handling and dynamics they are also known as a great luxury vehicle.

Used Chevrolet Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Our helpful staff is available when to purchasing a Chevrolet in the most stress-free way possible. We provide a one-stop solution to car, truck, or SUV purchasing; from the credit application, test drives, all the way through to the signing of the paperwork.

Used Dodge Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Dodge is a iconic manufacturer of automobiles and is known for style and performance, as seen with their iconic Charger, and Viper cars, or Ram Truck.

Used Ford Cars For Sale in Alexandria

“Built Ford Tough” is not just a saying it is a way of life for Ford Owners, and they live by it. Ford is one of the oldest manufactures of vehicles having been around for over 100 years, and attracting more customers every day.

Used GMC Cars For Sale in Alexandria

GMC has long since been a great manufacturer of trucks, vans and SUVs, although similar to the Chevy there are many features and some adjustments to design that sets them apart. With so many GMC models to choose from CarSmart offers many of them.

Used Honda Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Honda cars, trucks and SUVs are built with reliability, design, fuel economy and safety in mind.  When looking for a practical quality vehicle that is reasonably priced then the Honda is the vehicle to choose.

Used Hyundai Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Hyundai has a lineup that works for every need from subcompacts, midsized sedans to SUVs and everything in between and these can be found on our lot.

Used Jeeps For Sale in Alexandria

Jeep now boasts models with substantial performance improvements with the engine and in the cabin, from the original models as well as new looks and styles to keep up with stylish vehicles today.

Used Kia Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Kia has been known as a manufacturer for the budget minded consumer. They build quality vehicles that are sporty styled with substantial warranties, and have great performance, not to mention the reliability as well as being reasonably priced.

Used Lexus Cars For Sale in Alexandria

These vehicles are the type of quality built vehicles that CarSmart likes to offer, and we carry many models of used Lexus cars for sale in Alexandria at fair prices.

Used Mercedes Cars For Sale in Alexandria

If looking for a refined luxury vehicle to make a status symbol statement then a Mercedes is the car to choose. They are sleek fine crafted vehicles, with great style, safety technology, air-suspension, and many other features.

Used Mitsubishi Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Mitsubishi is known for producing many cars and SUVs that are high performance, turbo-charged, sporty and even green vehicles like their all electric “i” hatchback, Mirage, as well as their Outback.

Used Nissan For Sale in Alexandria

Nissan manufactures many models of quality cars, trucks and SUVs in many styles these vehicles are reliable as well as fun-to-drive, well-respected vehicles.

Used Toyota Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs are quality vehicles built to last for a long time, and are dependable which is what their loyal buyers expect.

Used Porsche Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Porsche cars have generally placed in the sports car category as they offer a excellent driving experience that other cars do not offer. However, Porsche now offers more than just sports cars they also produce sedans, hybrids and SUVs.

Used Volkswagen Cars For Sale in Alexandria

Volkswagen cars cost a bit more than other vehicles but they have a reason too, they are a quality, luxury vehicle that have refined handling and rich accommodations. They have a large line-up of cars and SUVs as well as the ever popular beetle, which has been given a new design.

We Love Our Customers!

This place is great! They really tend to your needs in a car, and work with you to ensure you leave there in a car! Ishmael was my salesman, he was understanding, and offer me great deals! I'm happy with my decision to go to CarSmart, and would HIGHLY recommend them to all my friends and family.

The experience I received from CarSmart was great. The young man D’aunte was helpful and knowledgeable. He along with the other staff members answered all questions. I will definitely recommend anyone is in the market to purchase a vehicle to come to CarSmart.

D’aunte is an excellent salesperson. He makes sure the customer have an rewarding experience with Carsmart.

Came to car smart on Saint Barnabas rd! Didn't think I was going to get approved and varicella and Tim made it happen! They were very professional and honest! So believe when they call and say your job is your credit. It's the truth.

This place was good patient they work with I would recommend anytime Tim an vaurice where very helpful along with the rest of the staff!!

I had a very lovely experience at CarSmart today. They helped me get financed with bad credit. Vaurice, Dante, Ismail and Tim will get you into a new vehicle. They were fast and super professional and very nice. If you need a new car, Come on over to CarSmart. They can get the job done.

I am well,well pleased with the service that I received from CarSmart, especially Dante's. You were an excellent salesman and showed much respect to me and my friend during the purchase of my new vehicle. I appreciate you and keep up the great work 😊.

Vaurice was Great ! Got us in and out in no time. Would definitely recommend this place to family.

I came here not sure if I would leave with a vehicle. But everyone was so great careing and showed so much respect that I was was so over well with the care that everyone gave. If I ever have have to get another vehicle I will have come here. I will refer anyone. The best of them all are Sales Rep. Vaurice was my sellsman and he was extremely great along with Ismail and Haceeb. THANK YOU Carsmart.

Great experience love this car dealer and vaurice was a great help everything was excellent. The process was fast and easy and we got the best deal in the area.