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Your Full-Service Car Dealer in Woodmore

May 30, 2018  

Car Dealer in Woodmore

CarSmart Now is your full-service car dealer in Woodmore. Now, what exactly do we mean by “full-service”? Just about what you would expect – we are here to serve you in all aspects of buying and selling vehicles.

First, there is our incredible selection of thousands of vehicles, which gives you the opportunity to select the vehicle which will best work for you. Second, we maintain contact with hundreds of lenders – this helps our customers who need loans in order to get a vehicle to obtain a loan at reasonable rates, even with less than perfect credit. Third, there are our extended service contracts. We give warranties for all vehicles that have not exceeded their factory warranty, and we extend the opportunity to purchase the extended service contracts for qualifying vehicles. If you wish to trade your current vehicle, we can help with evaluating it to let you know how much credit you will receive for it at competitive market prices. We also have a first-time buyers program to assist anyone who has not previously purchased a vehicle – which can also mean setting up your first revolving credit account. Timely payments on a loan obtained through our dealership will improve your credit rating, no matter who you are.

CarSmart Now is your full-service car dealer in Woodmore, just give us a call at (888) 292-8115 to learn more about our many services. Whether you have perfect credit, no credit, bad credit or have recently had a bankruptcy, we can usually find a loan and a car for you. We also have a program for our service men and women, and we recognize teachers special requirements. No matter who you are or where you are employed, we do our best to help you drive the vehicle that you need.

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